Due to devastating earthquake of 2001, there were major damages to the infrastructures of Health and Family Welfare Department, Government of Gujarat. European Commission (EC) sanctioned an aid of Rs. 200 crores under Post Earthquake Redevelopment Programme (PERP). Under the tripartite contract between Government of Gujarat, Government of India and European Commission, separate unit called Project Implementation Unit (PIU) was established for the implementation of the above programme vide Government Resolution Dt.30/07/2002, under the Commissioner (Health). PIU was successfully completed 1676 works of reconstruction, retrofitting, repairing and renovation of various residential and non-residential infrastructures of Health and Family Welfare Department, Government of Gujarat, with the expenditure of Rs. 200 crores.

Considering the successful completion of the European Commission works, Government of Gujarat assigned the nontribal budgetted and NRHM works since the year 2006-07 and tribal and SCSP budgetted works since the year 2007-08 to PIU, before that these works were with R & B Department. Since 2006-07, PIU is undertaking all the new construction works of Health and Family welfare Department and since 2011-12, PIU has been designed the work of Maintenance & Repairs of all the infrastructure works of Health and Family welfare Department. PIU has completed 326 structures under NRHM and 1196 structures under budget with expenditure of Rs.103.90 crores and Rs.2320.38 crores respectively till October 2013.

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