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Government of Gujarat is committed to provide Emergency Response Service through toll free number 108 for Medical, Police and Fire emergencies. In order to ensure efficient delivery of service to the people of Gujarat, GVK Emergency Management and Research Institute has been appointed as nodal agency under PPP (Public Private Partnership) model to professionally manage and deliver comprehensive, speedy, reliable and quality emergency service in Gujarat.

The launch of 108 Services in Gujarat on 29th August 2007 has heralded a new era of emergency medical care in the state. The service has revolutionized the response to the people in distress and ensured access and affordability for the benefit of people of Gujarat. GVK EMRI operates 108 services in 16 states including Gujarat. With ongoing addition of ambulances currently 525 ambulances under 108 service in Gujarat to provide Emergency Response to the entire population of 6.03 crores, covering all the districts. Since launch 108 has attended more than 40 lakh emergencies and saved more than 2.90 lakh lives in life threatening situation. 41,057 deliveries have been assisted by EMTs of 108 ambulances or at Scene. It currently responds to between 2000-2200 emergencies on daily basis.

108 Emergency Service has become a synonym of trust and promptness in responding to all kind of emergencies. The service caters to Police, Fire and Medical emergencies 24X7 all across the state and is provided free of charge to the users. The model of Sense, Reach, Care and follow up is operationalized by GVK EMRI with best in class technology and dedicated professionals. Ninety nine percent of the calls received on 108 are attended in less than one ring which is better than global standards.

108 has plunged into action to save the precious lives of citizens irrespective of caste or creed during many disasters in Gujarat. One of the crucial differentiator of this service is the passion, integrity, empathy, motivation and professionalism inculcated in its team, which is visible loud and clear.

Head Quartered at its state of art Emergency Management Centre in Kathwada, Ahmedabad, a strong passionate team of 2842 personnel and a fleet of 525 high-tech Ambulances it response to more than 70,000 Emergencies in a month.

The state of art Emergency Management Centre at Kathwada has become a centre of attraction for people from all walks of life. Students, Corporates, academicians, Healthcare specialist and members of Panchayats and Municipalities visit the centre to keenly observe and witness the success story of this miracle three digit number 1-0-8.

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